Can Eating Good Healthy Fat Make Me Slim?

Can Eating Good Healthy Fat Make Me Slim?

Most Americans today live on sugar. Their diets are mainly made up of simple carbs like white bread, chips, milk, cookies..... you get the idea. The average american actually consumes 180 pounds of SUGAR PER YEAR! That is a lot of sugar!

What happens to your body when you put that much sugar into it? It actually starts burning sugar instead of fat! So most peoples bodies today burn sugar, and they wonder why their having trouble loosing weight and why they are constantly craving for sugar!

Even if you don't think you consume that much sugar, you might want to think again! 

If you are having cereal for breakfast, lets just through out Fiber One. You are actually getting 43 GRAMS OF carbs (aka, 10.75 TSP. of sugar) in one serving! Now thats without the pasteurized milk and cup of orange juice! Add those two things between 70-80 GRAMS of carbs (aka, 20 TSP. of sugar). And thats how most americans who think their HEALTHY start there day.

Now you might be thinking right now, "Milk? I thought milk was good for me? Calcium??!!!." Well when you pasteurize the already antibiotic filled milk, you are taking away all of the nutrients. So if there was any calcium in the milk to begin with its long gone now. All you left with is SUGAR and antibiotics.

How you train your body to burn fat is by actually consuming good healthy fats like coconut oil, coconut milk, cold pressed olive oil, organic range free eggs, organic grass fed BEEF and even raw organic milk. Your diet should be made up of around 60% good healthy fat like the ones I just mentioned. 

You should also stop eating all processed grains. Grains are inflammatory, and can cause many health problems! Where you should be getting your carbs is from vegetables, and some fruit. You should load up on good protein and good fat. 

Your day could look something like: 
Breakfast- 3-4 eggs scrambled, REAL sea salt and pepper, cooked in either raw butter or coconut oil (BTW, when you cook with coconut oil it looses its coconut taste). 

Lunch- A piece of WILD caught fish or organic chicken breast, with a bowl of guacamole and raw veggies such as cucumber, red pepper and broccoli. 

Snack: Grainless Granola, raw pecans, raw slivered almonds, raisins, raw sunflower seeds and some cinnamon. 

Dinner- Steak, with a big veggie salad. Organic romaine lettuce, kale or spinach, diced tomato, chopped broccoli, chopped cucumbers and chopped carrots. With homemade salad dressing (I'll post my made up recipe). 

Dessert- My homemade made up raw vanilla ice cream (I have posted this recipe).