Beyond Organic

Sometimes it's hard to find good reliable resources that you can trust when it comes to buying good whole healthy food! Well I encourage you to check out Beyond Organic!

Beyond Organic is a Christian run company that is committed to eating food God's way! The Founder and CEO Jordan Rubin has an amazing story! I encourage you to check it out!

He was suffering from 18 different illnesses at once. He went to every single experienced doctor, including going all the way to Germany to seek medical help! Every time he went, he just got worse. The treatments and medicines were not helping him at all, in fact they were killing him! He went from 185 lb and healthy, to 104 lb and in a wheel chair. 

He met a man over the phone that said, "You can be well again, if you follow a health plan based on the Bible!" Well Jordan looked at his mom and for the first time in two years he smiled and told her, "I'm going to be well." They flew done to California and he began to eat food God's way! And as a result he started healing! 

He has now written 21 books, one being the Marker Diet. The same diet he followed that made him well! 

To read his complete story click here:
Jordan Rubin's Story

He has not started a company called Beyond Organic! I encourage you to check it out!

I am a Mission Marketer for this company and share the same passion for helping people heal as Jordan does! Please check it out! 

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