Healthy Christmas Give Away

This Christmas with so many people trying to be healthy, the last thing you want in your house is JUNK!
Here are some great ideas that are very reasonable and HEALTHY to give away to friends and loved ones.

Fruit Basket With Healthy Goodies

3 Oranges
5 Organic Apples
1 loaf of Grain Free Lemon Bread (you could do almond, or even grain free cookies instead)
1 jar homemade best ever "Natural Essence" body cream, made by myself, my mom and my sister.
2 bars of Beyond Organic Chocolate

Take the basket (available at Michael's or Hobby Lobby, wait for after Christmas sales), fresh greenery (we used the clippings from our Christmas tree, stored them in a large bucket in our garage with water and they stayed fresh). Place the greenery on the bottom of the basket and place fruit, body cream, chocolate and loaf and arrange the way you want (fruit is best on the bottom). Decorate the basket with a ribbon and you have the perfect healthy gift!

The wonderful thing about this gift basket is it's easy and you can critique it the way you want!