The Difference With REALLY RAW CHEESE

So what's the difference with Beyond Organic's Really Raw Cheese?

Well there is a BIG difference.

I have been allergic to dairy ever since I was 15 months old! I had a severe reaction when my mom took me for my vaccinations. So what does that have to do with being allergic to dairy? Well I'll tell you!

It was around 7:00 in the evening and my mom was holding me as she was sitting on the coach watching a basketball game! She glanced down at me and noticed my lips turn purple and my eyes roll back. Before she could do anything I was in the middle of having convulsions. She right away called the ambulance and I was rushed to the hospital. Thankful they were able to stabilize me and I was sent home. 
After having that experience my mom went to my pediatrician and he asked her if she had done anything different with me that week.
My mom had thought about it and realized that I had, had vaccinations. She did some research and found out that you should NEVER vaccinate a  child if he/she is allergic to dairy! 

So now that my mom knew I was allergic to dairy she did some searching for a milk substitute. She first started with goats milk. Because children with dairy allergies are normally able to handle that! Well not me, I was severely allergic and broke out in rashes all over my body! 
Then she tried soy milk, I had the same reaction. Finally she tried rice milk, I didn't react and it worked for a while (BTW: rice milk is NOT a HEALTHY choice! It is WAY over processed and a grain, so it can spike your blood sugar levels).

So with telling you all of this, now I want to tell you the amazing thing about Beyond Organic dairy!

The cows that Beyond Organic raises on their ranch are A2 cows. The significants of that is MOST ALL of cattle in the U.S are A1 which means that they carry a genetic component called beta casein A1, which people with dairy allergies CAN'T handle! Beta casein A2 cows DO NOT carry this gene, which means that people like me who are severely allergic to beta casein A1 can handle this dairy! 

CLICK HERE to watch Dr. Axe and Jordan Rubin discuss this matter.

Well it's true, I am a living testimony of that! My other friend who gets severely sick as well when she has dairy is also able to handle this dairy!    

Not only is it tolerable but it is a SUPERFOOD! Yes, a SUPERFOOD. If you think about it, this Beyond Organic dairy is 100% GREEN-FED (not grass-fed, GREEN-FED). So when the cattle eat the nutrient dense herbs forbs and grasses, they digest it and what comes out it the milk is predigested energy from the sun! PLUS you get the full and complete benefit of the dairy because it is REALLY RAW, meaning it is NOT heated a cows body temperature, 101.5 degrees! 

The dairy is PACKED with:

Vitamin K2 (not what you find in kale)
Fat soluble vitamin A, E and D
Omega 3 fatty acids
Over 2 BILLION live probiotics
7-10 grams of protein PER ONCE

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