Slimming Super Salad

When it comes to getting our servings of veggies, we as Americans do a pour job at that. We might get have a handful of baby carrots or have a few cucumbers drenched in a toxic dressing (like ranch or Italian).

It is important to get enough vegetables into our diet. When you replace your harmful carbohydrates like cookies, chips, crackers bread (yes even whole wheat bread) with vegetables you are not only going to consume less, but also get more nutrients and more ENERGY.

Though I do not think it is bad to lightly steam or even saute some veggies once in a while I really love to consume 80% of all of my vegetables raw. Why?? When you cook or heat something over 116 degrees you begin to kill off all of the enzymes and many of the nutrients. I think a big contributor to our disease today is lack of nutrition and enzymes.

Try eating at least one meal with raw veggies a day and see if you don't feel more energy.

Slimming Super Salad

2 cups of organic sprouts (clover, broccoli or alfalfa)
2 heads of organic butter leaf lettuce
4 cups of organic baby kale
2 cups of organic spinach
2 cups of organic cucumber, (seeded and chopped is my favorite)
1 red onion chopped (chop it right before you put it on your salad because onion will absorb toxins in our air)
2 cups of shredded really raw harvarti cheese
1 cup sprouted 7 seed blend
probiotic ranch dressing

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
Serve chilled with a shot of ginger terrain

Probiotic Ranch Dressing

8 oz. plain amasai
1 cup coconut oil mayo (or just make your own raw coconut oil mayo like I do)
1 basil
1 tsp. organic dill weed
3 garlic cloves minced

Whisk together all ingredients.