What is Terrain???

Remember when Louis Pasteur came up with the hypothesis that the germ was the cause of ALL disease? Yes the man who came up the pasteurization method! Well unfortunately that hypothesis has failed us miserably.

You may have noticed that in the past one hundred years we have become SICKER, FATTER and have the MOST CANCER, DIABETES and HEART DISEASE! 

So just using our own common sense, pasteurization doesn't seem like its helped us fighting disease, it actually seems like it's made it worse!

Besides just pasteurization we have also started using germ killers such as, antibiotics, hand sanitizing agents, harmful soap and body care products.......... etc.

The down fall to using all of these medicines and various cleansing agents is that they not only kill the bad but also the good. When you take away the good bacteria you are taking away the only defense your body has to fight the outside harmful microorganisms. Because there is more bad bacteria in our environment we are now more easily susceptible to the bad germs taking over.

If germs don't cause disease, what does?

What modern science is starting to unveil to us is the fact that germs are NOT the cause of all disease and problems, it is Terrain in our digestive system that is susceptible to the disease.

If you don't take care of your terrain, gut and immune system than your risk of getting sick rises because germs are then able to easily penetrate and take over your gut flora (the good germs called probiotics).

What is so important about Probiotics? 

Probiotics are the good bacteria found in our gut that keeps the bad bacteria/germs away! They are like the policemen and the bad bacteria are like the criminals. When you have more policemen than criminals the chance of the criminals doing anything harmful decreases. When you have more criminals that policemen the criminals will start to take over!

I remember it this way, "When the police are away, the criminals play and then you pay."

If we keep our terrain healthy with live probiotic organisms and live active enzymes our bodies will have the material it needs to fight disease.

There is probably more harmful germs in a public bathroom than there are on a small farm.We cannot change the fact that we will always be battling germs and harmful microorganisms as long as we live! But what we can and should do is build our bodies up so that we can fight those germs.

How should I get my Probiotics? 

When we are talking about replenishing your gut flora two things are very important!

1. You need to get your probiotics from a food source or a living supplement.
2. You need to consume probiotics EVERYDAY!!!!

 Most probiotic supplements are not living and do not have more than 5 strains! Which means your body cannot use any of the nutrients.

Our bodies need a probiotic boost everyday because we are around things that will kill off these friendly microorganisms like, tap water, caffeine, refined starchy foods, sugars........ and many other things!

The BEST sources I have found for probiotics are listed below in order.

  1. Terrain Herbal Supplement 
  2. Green-fed Amasai
  3. Nuvino 
  4. Homemade Suero Kraut 
  5. Cultured Whey
  6. Kombucha 
  7. Probiotic Raw Cheese
  8. Apple Cider Vinegar